My dumbest startup ideas

a site where I will literally read anything outloud, a site that constantly texts you memes, and more

Donald Morton

Mar 24, 2020



I write down most ideas I've had. A lot of them (most) are not so great. Thinking through ideas is always a great exercise, even if it's not the greatest idea. Below are just some ideas that I have had over the past year/two years. 

🏓 What is pong... .com

I have this weird obsession with buying domain names. I think of an idea - and want to purchase the domain immediately. I think this comes from the fact that I've had so many great domains that i've wanted taken from me before. Another thing I am passionate about is preserving history. In this case - game history. In my opinion, Pong represented a breakthrough in technology and in video games. For some reason - making this fact known was very important to me. While wikipedia exists, and yeah- i guess people could just look up pong and read about it. I wanted to build a site that shows a playable version of pong in all it's glory and include history/pictures/etc.


Some ideas are intentionally dumb. is one of those. I wanted to create a site where you would upload an article, piece of text, etc. and someone (probably me or some guy) would either read it out-loud and send it back to you or stream it. The idea is this person isn't an amazing reader or anything, just a normal guy, reading some stuff... ahah 
I guess there might be a usecase here - I get headaches if I read anything in a moving car but i'm always trying to read short posts/articles. Text to speech is a good current solution but it would still be nice to hear someones voice.

🤯 A-meme-a-day

At one point I thought it would be a good idea to make a service to send people memes everyday. Basically you pay a fixed amount - and send memes to yourself or someone else, for a year. Pretty dumb but would be kind of a fun build. This one is not about the money - would be for the community, and the laughs.
That's all I've got for now. There's tons more ideas I have but I might actually build them one day so 🤫stay tuned. Till then, you can check out the idea I have been working on for the past year and a half right here!! Literally this thing you are reading the blog on. urspace - actually a good idea. It's great to see people using the platform, and this 14 day blog challenge is one of the best ideas we have had thus far. 
If you have any thoughts on these dumb startup ideas - it would be great to hear from you in the comments.
Till next time!