The software I’m using to work from home

A short product review of Tandem

Donald Morton

Mar 26, 2020



hey! This is day 5 of the 14 day urspace blog challenge. The prompt for today is: How are you working from home (or school)? What tools are you using, how yard you scheduling things? Got any tips and tricks? What’s your daily routine?
I decided to take this prompt a little different and turn it into a focused look at a software I’ve been using to work from home lately - Tandem.


Tandem promo picture

Tandem is a company that enables people to collaborate with their coworkers in an environment that almost simulates an office. They describe themselves as: "A virtual office for remote teams." Tandem graduated from Y Combinator, had an explosive launch on Producthunt,(#3 Product of the Week and #1 Product of the Day) and then raised a very impressive seed round from a16z ($7.5M). 
The company I work for, Yumi, has been using this software for the past couple weeks and I can say it's been a hit. Being able to chat with anyone during the work day with a click removes the barriers of trying to schedule a call over slack and inviting them to a google hangouts/zoom. 

Why it's actually good

I have used sooo many "work together" apps. Some of these apps have a user experience that makes it almost too intrusive to the employee. Others have the opposite problem, making it too hard to contact anyone. 
Tandem is good because it bridges the gap between allowing for your privacy/focus time (flow) and making it easy to connect with your co workers. The system they have adopted almost reminds me of Discord. Discord is a company I truly admire, they have created a safe space for friends to hangout and play games. People will sit in discord, chat, and wait for friends to get online even if they are not playing games. Tandem reminds me of that. It promotes a collaborative environment and allows people to sit in community chats. This culture is great to build for remote companies. I’ve been getting in calls with one of my co workers and doing work - this has made it really easy to bounce ideas off each other and collaborate on projects.

When to use it

If you are apart of a remote company, Tandem is the app for you. Tandem is really great for teams that are online on a regular schedule.
At Yumi, we had tandem installed before we were remote and it seemed unclear when to use it. For most calls during this period, we relied on slack or google hangouts. We were not taking advantage of all the features Tandem had to offer which was a shame. To get the most out of it - I recommended remote companies use it. 


Tandem’s pricing is pretty straight forward. They start out with a 14 day free trial - and then it is $10/per active user/per month after that. It also looks like they have a free plan if you are in their beta program which is a great offer.


I’ve loved using Tandem over these past couple weeks and will continue to use/recommend it to remote teams. Their superior collaboration modes and community-like voice chat promote a productive, friendly, and open culture.