When: Aug 2018 - present
Where: Los Angeles

making the internet a better place, one personal site at a time.

Our Journey

The team and I have taken urspace from just an idea to a REAL platform. When starting urspace there were many unknowns. In fact, I had the idea during my first internship. During this time I really had no idea how to build a fullstack application.
I would go to my internship, soak up as much as I could, and then go home and try to apply my new knowledge to urspace. This was a cycle that lasted the whole summer and by the end, I had a somewhat usable backend and a very pre mature frontend. In the grand scheme of things, this was more than I ever had and the progress excited me.
At the time, the idea was much more developer focused. I wanted to build a platform that was able to communicate what a developer had on their Github to a recruiter. Throughout my interview process I noticed non-techincal recruiters had a hard time understanding what some of the projects were/what they were built in and if my experience met their needs. 
So I'm still in Virginia at this point, I contacted some friends to try to recruit them for urspace and gage interest on the idea. I didn't get any takers really, I was looking for people that would be willing to dedicate as much time as I was willing to (which was hard to ask full time students to do).
At the time it was a one man show so I was doing all the development & design. Below is an early mockup of the platform.

Ancient mockup of urspace I made

Fast forward a few months, I'm back in LA. I somehow landed a great job and was able to take time off from school to work and stay in the area. I went through the whole rollercoaster of getting accepted to YC Startup School, then rejected, then they "Let everyone in". YC SUS 2018 starts, I meet a great group of founders. While watching all of the video content for the course (which I highly recommend - they are all free on youtube), I realize I should/could be doing a lot more. Stuff like: User research, interviews, outreach to schools, creating a better engineering process, etc.
At the time, Emily was working on another startup with a group of people. Emily and I always seemed to have similar interests in terms of product and the vc space. I knew she would be a great Co-Founder to work on urspace with but I was unsure of her free time due to her being involved with another startup. After bringing up the idea, I think we joked about it a few times but eventually we met up and I gave her a "presentation" on why she should join urspace. 
sorry this is an ongoing post... c:
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