🐙 A React Component for GitHub Login

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React GitHub Login

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React component for [GitHub login](
This project originally created and maintained by [Checkr]( However, after over a year of inactivity it appears this repository is abandoned. With many issues open, I decided to clone and maintain this repo myself.
Credit goes to [Kurt Ruppel]( from Checkr for being the original developer on the project.
This project is now being updated and maintained by [donmorton](




`{string}` _required_
Client ID for GitHub OAuth application.


Registered redirect URI for GitHub OAuth application.


Scope for GitHub OAuth application. Defaults to `user:email`.


CSS class for the login button.


Text content for the login button.


Callback for every request.


Callback for successful login. An object will be passed as an argument to the callback, e.g. `{ "code": "..." }`.


Callback for errors raised during login.


Webpack development server starts at [http://localhost:8080](http://localhost:8080), loading [example/index.html](


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