📸 This is a simple Instagram scraper. It returns the followers, following, and posts for a certain user.

Role: Engineer


To use the scraper create an async function (or implement promises). The function will have to wait for a response from the request to actually print something out.
Importing can be done by creating a variable and requiring the package.
const instagramScraper = require('simple-instagram-scraper');
There is only one function in this package currently and it is featured below.
const instagramScraper = require('simple-instagram-scraper');
let report = await instagramScraper.getReport('dd0nn'); 
Report will now contain an output of the results for instagram user dd0nn.


Below is an example of a function testReport()
const testReport = async() => {
	let report = await instagramScraper.getReport('logic');
As you can see, one can call the getReport() on the imported package and recieve a full report of the user.


The output contains a username, follower count, following count, post count, and timestamp based on Unix Time.
{ username: 'logic',
  followers: '5.3m',
  following: '346',
  posts: '1932',
  dateRequested: 1529167209700 }